Shipping Info

Dear Maxmo customer

All shipping charges are estimated with the understanding that the delivery address is in main area cities and reachable by main tar roads. 

Actual shipping charges may vary if the delivery address are beyond main area cities or main roads. Special addresses need to be considered at time of order.

Your Maxmo is insured at and up to the factory address in Pretoria. Please consider the following mandatory insurance options:

  • Certificate from your insurer stating that your Maxmo has been added to your profile with reference to an acceptance of delivery by a third party to your address.
  • If you financed your Maxmo, insurance is mandatory and we will need a certificate of acceptance for delivery by a third party to your address.
  • If you do not want to add In Transito insurance for your Mobile Lodge we can request a special quote from our insurers.
  • If you do not want insurance and do not want us to raise delivery insurance we need a signed letter stating that we are allowed to deliver at your risk.

We aim at your absolute satisfaction and peace of mind and strongly advise you consider proper insurance of your Maxmo.