Full size camper with Flex interior, 96Kw 320Nm, FWD, 6Speed Manual

The Tourer D64 presents a special new experience for the discerning traveler: Compact and economical to drive and easy to park, but with a lovely and dynamic interior modeled after the interior of a first class airline cabin - but we call it Super Class, because the Tourer can do more!

The sophisticated interior has a 1.6m wide kitchen with glass top stove and a 1.6m wide bathroom with hotel class toilet and electric blinds* for full privacy. Open the back doors and you have safe storage space for your bicycles, golf bags, dive bottles or such. Then there is the home theatre option...!

All in all a fantastic new way of making life an adventure!

Below is the standard spec, plus a few suggested options for this model:

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Picture of D64X base
D64X base
R 914062.00
R 896000.00
Picture of Standard interior
Standard interior
SKU: D64 bas
R 0.00
Picture of Interior colour schemes
Interior colour schemes
SKU: D64 ics
R 0.00
Picture of Kitchen
SKU: D64 kit
R 0.00
Picture of Bathroom options
Bathroom options
SKU: D64 bat
R 0.00
Picture of Comfort options
Comfort options
SKU: D64 con
R 0.00
Picture of Privacy options
Privacy options
SKU: D64 Pri
R 0.00
Picture of D64 entertainment
D64 entertainment
SKU: D64 ent
R 0.00
Picture of Camping options
Camping options
R 0.00
Picture of Electrical options
Electrical options
SKU: D64 ele
R 0.00
Picture of Water systems
Water systems
SKU: D64 wat
R 0.00
Picture of Vehicle standard specs
Vehicle standard specs
R 0.00
Picture of Vehicle Colour
Vehicle Colour
R 0.00
Picture of Vehicle Options
Vehicle Options
These are suggested options - you can de-select options that you don't need:
R 0.00
Picture of C-Pack Spec
C-Pack Spec
The C-Pack was developed for a comfortable ride on Southern African road conditions:
R 0.00