Campy 81Kw FWD 6Manual

Caddy w. Reimo Roof & Camp Interior, 81Kw 220Nm, FWD, 6Speed Manual

The Swiss Army Knife of mini campers will compliment the active and adventurous lifestyle! You have seat belts for five persons for those school runs and sports events, as well as a handy table for breakfast or homework alike!

Flip up the roof for standing headroom of between 170cm (front) and 205cm (rear). The bottom bed can be used in single format (2000x70mm) or double format (2000x1130mm) and the optional roof bed (1950x930mm) makes for a surprisingly roomy sleep. The Campy has a 1-burner gas stove for your breakfast with 13L fresh water and 13L grey water tanks. There is even space to store the optional porta potti for the weekend.

Campy; the perfect Caddy!

The Arizona X camper conversion includes the following specs and it also includes the required & compatable base vehicle spec.

Pricing of the base vehicle at Retail minus 10% (VAT Incl) as well as suggested extras, can be selected to estimate a "complete" project Cost (VAT Incl). After you have made your selections, click on "Add to my Maxmo" for an overview (quotation - VAT Incl).  For more information or guidance please contact Leon Ras at 0828 999 999.

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Base vehicle
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