Cheetah 4x4 FH Camper

The Cheetah is a compact full size touring camper with Full House spec and two floor plans to (read more...) choose from. It is designed for the travelers who know what they want and where they are going.

The interior has been designed along the latest trends in the European and US markets and new technology cabinetry makes for space effective and a rattle free driving experience.

With a V6 diesel of 140kw, 440nm of torque and 7 speed auto gearbox, 4x4 with electronic traction control, hi & low range, and raised suspension with 100mm extra clearance, the horizons are calling...

The advanced Lithium battery option with inverter enables the seamless use of your aircon, induction stove and electric geyser at times when you are off-grid. And to put those power back there are smart AC-DC and DC-DC chargers as well as rooftop and fold-out solar panels with the latest Smart control systems.

Call Leon Ras at 0828 999 999 or email for a demo.

Below is the suggested specs for a Full House Cheetah 4x4 camper (high spec). You can change the options and prepare your customized spec and then click on "Add to my quotation" for an overview. Enjoy!

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Picture of Cheetah Front Lounge Floor Plan
Cheetah Front Lounge Floor Plan
R 0,00
Picture of Rear Lounge Floor Plan
Rear Lounge Floor Plan
R 0,00
Picture of Beds
R 0,00
Picture of Inside kitchen
Inside kitchen
The inside kitchen is ideal for situations where privacy, security, wild life or bad weather makes it preferable than having to climb out to get to the optional outside camping kitchen. The induction stove is preferable in terms of safety and can work when connected to shore power or if the inverter option has been selected.
R 0,00
Picture of Outside kitchen
Outside kitchen
The optional slide-out kitchen or "boskombuis" is accessed through the rear doors.
R 0,00
Picture of Bathroom
Permanent bathroom with toilet and swivel shower. 15L geyser works when connected to 220V shore power or can work on the road when the Lithium Battery System with 2000W inverter option has been selected.
R 0,00
Picture of Privacy
R 0,00
Picture of Convenience
The rooftop aircon can work when the camper is connected to mains or for limited periods if the Lithium battery system with inverter has been selected.
R 0,00
Picture of Standard electrics
Standard electrics
The standard 100A Lithium battery supports the 12V system for lights, pump, toilet, USB chargers and 12V fridge. The 220V sockets, rooftop aircon & microwave can be used when the camper is connected to Mains or if the optional leisure battery system with inverter has been selected under "Off-grid".
R 0,00
Picture of Off-grid electrics
Off-grid electrics
When no shore power (220V) is available you can change over to the optional Inverter to drive the 220V sockets. The rooftop aircon might also be used for shorter periods depending on battery power and available re-charge cycles. The effectiveness of the off-grid 12V-220V system is influenced by factors like 220V consumption, distance traveled per day, availability of sunlight and positioning of vehicle.
R 0,00
Picture of Water system
Water system
R 0,00
Picture of Camping gear
Camping gear
R 0,00
Picture of Storage
There are ample space below the bed with access from the rear doors for camping chairs, table as well as an optional extra freezer and other containers.
R 0,00
Picture of Mercedes base vehicle
Mercedes base vehicle
Estimated price on the base vehicle below excludes optional specs as suggested in the next category and is subject to spec- and price changes until a final order has been processed and deposit has been received.
R 0,00
Picture of Vehicle specs
Vehicle specs
The following options are an estimate and indication of the standard Maxmo spec used in the Cheetah conversions and is subject to change. Final detail spec to be determined on final order. If the base vehicle is supplied by the customer, and the spec of that vehicle has been approved, de-select all these options and select "Custom to supply own vehicle".
R 0,00
Picture of Vehicle driver aids
Vehicle driver aids
R 0,00
Picture of Vehicle audio visual
Vehicle audio visual
R 0,00
Picture of Vehicle Colour
Vehicle Colour
R 0,00
Picture of Wheels & Tyres
Wheels & Tyres
R 0,00
Picture of X-Pack
Prepare your Cheetah for off-road touring on bad gravel roads (and bad tar roads for that matter) and be prepared for the unforeseen
R 0,00
Picture of Off-road kit
Off-road kit
R 0,00