Arizona 132Kw 4M DSG

SWB with Reimo roof & Trio interior, 132Kw 400Nm, 4Motion, 7Speed DSG .

The Arizona is a mere 4.9 meters long and can be parked in most normal parking lots as well as in most parking buildings. But, flip up the roof and you have an amazing roomy space available for up to 4 persons!

Below is the suggested spec for this model. You can choose between body colours and interiors and upgrade some of the components. You can also de-select an option for example under X-Pack, if you do not need a snorkel or winch. Once you have made your final selections just click on "Add to my Maxmo" and you will see your selections in a quotation format.

To order just click on "Order my Maxmo" and follow the 4 steps and we will get going with your Maxmo:) For assistance call Leon at 0828 999 999.

Below are the standard features for this model, plus a few suggested options - just tick the options you would like to add to your Maxmo. You can also un-tick any cost-options that you might not need. You are welcome to call Leon at 0828 999 999 for assistance, demo or next open delivery dates:

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Picture of T49T1324D Base vehicle
T49T1324D Base vehicle
SKU: T49T1324D
R 1046647.00
R 1038000.00
Picture of Standard specs
Standard specs
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Picture of Vehicle Options
Vehicle Options
These are suggested options - you can de-select options that you don't need:
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Picture of Interior Options
Interior Options
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Picture of X-Pack Spec
X-Pack Spec
With the X-Pack raised suspension option, an up size garage door of higher than 2.2m is suggested and care should be taken in parking buildings. These are suggested options - you can change, add or de-select options you don't need:
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Picture of Camping options
Camping options
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