Arizona cross-over camper

The Arizona is a spacious & well priced multi purpose camping vehicle with seating for four adults (read more...) with queen bed below and optional 3/4 roof bed

With 146kw*, 440nm* of torque, 4Motion all wheel drive, rear electronic diff lock and a smooth DGS transmission you can hit the highways and byways in comfort.

You can upgrade your spec as is needed. Options includes advanced batteries, inverter and solar panels, as well as a 15L electric geyser. (Also refer to the Arizona X model which already includes these options )

The queen bed with touring kitchen inside as well as the optional luxury camping kitchen outside, is complimented by an optional rooftop aircon, sunroof and two crank awnings. If you are in the market for a perfect cross-over (read: multi purpose vehicle), you must have a look at the Arizona - just call Leon Ras at 0828 999 999 or email for a demo.

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Picture of Arizona Camper Conversion
Arizona Camper Conversion
Basic interior conversion includes interior modules with bed & bathroom with access from inside (park and go to bed without having to get out of the vehicle) and functional outside kitchen. Excludes camp roof, base vehicle, X-Pack and optional extras.
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Picture of Maxmo Space Roof
Maxmo Space Roof
The modular Maxmo Space Roof lifts horizontally with interior headroom of up to 2.2m. Options like the aircon, sunroof and side awnings fit as part of the modular system. Sunroof is mandatory if the interior shower option is selected under bathroom. Alternatively, the Reimo Camp Roof can be selected, where the awnings and aircon will be fitted to the vehicle and not to the roof structure.
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Picture of Seating
Two front seats can swivel around in vehicles supplied by Maxmo. Swivel seats are an option if the base vehicle is supplied by customer. Arizona can seat up to 5 persons as a multi purpose vehicle and sleeps two persons in camping mode. It can sleep two small children on the optional mini bunk beds that folds over the front seats. Three seats in the second row to be removed when on tour to enable use of toilet and optional inside shower. Seat in second row on the right to be removed permanently when optional inside kitchen is selected.
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Picture of Sleeping
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Picture of Inside kitchen
Inside kitchen
The inside kitchen can be accessed directly from the interior in situations where privacy, security, wild life or bad weather makes it preferable than having to climb out to get to the outside camping kitchen. The inside kitchen module takes the space of the removable single seat on the right in the second row. The optional induction stove is preferable in terms of safety and can work when connected to shore power or if the inverter option has been selected.
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Picture of Outside kitchen
Outside kitchen
The outside kitchen or "boskombuis" is accessed through the rear doors with direct access to kitchenware, groceries, fridge, storage etc.
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Picture of Bathroom
Interior slide out toilet available with 2nd row middle seat removed. Manual Porta toilet has own 7L reservoir, while the 12V Cassette toilet option feeds from vehicle's main tank. Optional inside shower is available when three seats in the second row have been removed. The optional sunroof is recommended when the shower option is selected. 15L geyser works when connected to 220V shore power or can work on the road when the Advanced battery system with 2000W inverter option has been selected.
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Picture of Arizona interior comfort
Arizona interior comfort
The sunroof option is recommended when choosing the inside shower option.
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Picture of Standard electrics
Standard electrics
The standard electrical system works of 12V for the lights, toilet, USB chargers and fridge. 220V sockets, rooftop aircon & microwave are only active when connected to shore power or if optional leisure battery system with inverter has been selected.
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Picture of Off-grid electrics
Off-grid electrics
When no shore power (220V) is available you can change over to the optional Inverter to drive the 220V sockets. The rooftop aircon might also be used for shorter periods depending on battery power and available re-charge cycles. The effectiveness of the off-grid 12V-220V system is influenced by factors like 220V consumption, distance traveled per day, availability of sunlight and positioning of vehicle.
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Picture of Camping
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Picture of Storage
Up to 4x 40L containers can be secured on the sliders
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Picture of Base vehicle
Base vehicle
Estimated price on the base vehicle below excludes optional specs as suggested in the next category and is subject to spec- and price changes until a final order has been processed and deposit has been received.
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Picture of Vehicle specs
Vehicle specs
The following options are an estimate and indication of the standard Maxmo spec used in Arizona conversions and is subject to change. Final detail spec to be determined on final order. Suspension upgrades only to be selected if the X-Pack options has not been selected in the next category. If the base vehicle is supplied by the customer, de-select all these options and select "Custom to supply own vehicle".
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Picture of Vehicle Colour
Vehicle Colour
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Picture of Wheels
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