The new Arizona Camper module is jam packed with adventure stuff! Open the rear door, 
as a handy roof against the midday sun or rainy days and you have your gear at hand, 
all neatly packed in lockable drawers:
Where do we start? Water inlet to the 75L freshwater tank and on the other side the pull-out
shower for a hot shower in the bush! The daybed can be set in bed-mode for direct
view while driving. 
The pull-out Weber braai will be ready by the time your neighbour asks where they can get
fire wood! The pull-out shower with 9L electric geyser is also at hand with both the portable
basin in the rear as well as the glass top stainless steel basin on thhe inside.
The internal 65L fridge and the extra 45L fridge/freezer makes for a good camping kitchen,
with three multi purpose drawers for your groceries, kitchen utlensils and other gear. 
An advanced 3000W inverter with 200A Lithium battery system is supported by the 30A DCDC
alternator charger, 80A ACDC charger and 15A solar charger, all controlled by an internal touch screen.
This will allow for the use of the rooftop aircon, induction stove, electric geyser and wall sockets
while off-grid.