The German made OmniRoad air suspension adds another highlight to the Arizona's talents:
Convenient on road, high lift over obstacles and water*, low mode for camping,
and with auto or manual levelling between left and right as well as front and rear
for level sleeping and level kitchen top. Magic.


The Touch Control unit enable easy operation and can even measure weight per wheel when fully laden


In Off-road mode the full air suspension can be raised by as much as 75mm



The special suspension upgrade allows for auto-levelling when camping for up to 140mm variance in terrain.



The low setting allows the camper to "kneel" and makes entry much easier when camping.
The higher settings enable beter clearance over obstacles and when a water crossing
is inevitable, will the extra height make it a few steps saver to do so. Together with the
optional Raised Breathers and oversized tyres, the technical wading depth of the vehicle
will be more than double that of a standard vehicle with standard wheels.