Dealers as well as end users have access to the Maxmo information data base, which includes "How to" topics, videos etc.

Users will also have guide lines that is visible in the camper for orientation at time of delivery.

Topics might include specifics as follows:


Connect to shore power at the camp site:

  1. Connection to shore power is needed the power up the Passive DB for the use of the aircon, stove, microwave etc
  2. In case the Tourer has the optional 3000W inverter/charger then the shower power connection will charge the inverter battery bank
  3. Use the 10m shore power lead and connect the blue mail adaptor if needed at the electical outlet in the campsite
  4. Connect the blue female plug to the outside connection point of the camper
  5. If you have to use an extention, try to roll it down to eliminate over heating
  6. Always make sure to cover any extention connections from rain
  7. Also keep any extention connections high enough above any possible rain water pools
  8. After connecting the shore power check if the red 220V light in the 220V DB is on 

 Setup the awnings:

  1. Close the two slidings
  2. Get the awning crank handle from the storage in the rear
  3. Slot the crank handle in the dedicated slot on the awning
  4. Press inwards and then to the right so that it locks
  5. Turn the handle clock wise to pull the awning out
  6. When the awning is a about a metre out, swing out the two integrated legs and let it rest on the ground to support the awning
  7. Once the awning is fully rolled out, swing out the left arm and connect to the body mount next to the front door
  8. When the awning is full rolled out, adjust the legs so that the awning is level

 The use of the awnings in wind and rain:

  1. If windy at all or for extended stays, secure the two wind straps to the ground
  2. And fit the tention bar in the middle to keep the roof tight
  3. In case of rainy weather drop the one leg a bit so that the water can drain to the side
  4. In case of excessive rain or storm wind conditions always retract the awnings immediately
  5. When the awning is retracted during windy conditions it is advisable that another person hold the awning by hand to keep it from being blown upwards

 Retracting the awnings:

  1. Make sure that the sliding doors have been closed.
  2. Turn the handle anti clock wise to retract the awnings
  3. When rolled inwards with about a metre left, swing up the integtrated legs and secure to the awning body
  4. When the awning is folly pushed in, push the handle inward and turn it slightly to the left to release
  5. The handle can then be secured in the storage bin in the rear

 Service the camping toilet (porta toilet):

  1. For first time use add 1L of water and add one sachet of chemicals to the lower cassette
  2. Fill up the upper reservoir
  3. Once the lower cassette is full, remove it from the toilet
  4. Dispose of the processed fluid in a Cassette Toilet station if available or in a toilet bowl
  5. Once emptied, rinse it twice with fresh water 
  6. Then add one liter of water and add one sachet again
  7. Please always ensure that the station is left as clean as you would prefer to use it 
  8. It is important to empty the waiste water tank if you are not going to use the toilet for a period of time


In case you need any further assistance or advice please email us at

In case of an emergency you are welcome to call 0828 999 999 on weekdays or in reasonable hours.