Each Maxmo Adventure Camper is made to customer's orders.

How to order:

  1. Add your product and specification to your order or contact us and we will prepare the concept order for you.
  2. Click on "Order my Maxmo" and you will receive a detailed Order document with:
    1. Summary of your product and specifications
    2. Deposit options
    3. Banking detail
  3. On receipt of your order we will reserve an initial delivery date with a proposed time line
  4. On receipt of your deposit teh delivery date will be fixed and your Maxmo will be ordered
  5. You will be updated when your base vehicle has arrived in SA and your conversion has commenced
  6. On delivery you will receive a mandatory training course on your Maxmo

Servicing, warranties & repairs on base vehicle

  1. The base vehicle can be serviced at any of the relevant brand's dealerhips nationwide.
  2. The warranty on the vehicle is carried by die relevant brand's South African agency.

Servicing, warranties & repairs on Maxmo components

  1. Any after sale work regarding Maxmo components will be facilitated by Maxmo
  2. The warranties of individual electrical components is carried by the relevant SA agencies who will service, repair and support these products:
    1. Dometic
    2. Fiamma
    3. Thetford
    4. Reimo
    5. CarBest
    6. LG
    7. Samsung
    8. Nespresso
    9. etc
  3. The national vehicle agency will not handle any servicing, warranties & repairs on any non-vehicle components

For any further inquiries please email leon@maxmo.life