Thank you for visiting Maxmo!  

Most Maxmo campers and motorhomes are custom built as per each customer's spec. It is important for us to understand your mission, destinations and camping style - this will enable us to optimize your spec within your budget.

If you are planning a Maxmo camper or motorhome we suggest the following steps:



1. Register by clicking "Register" right on the top of the home page. This will enable us to remember your selections.

2. Select the base model from where you would like to fine tune your spec

3. Prepare your spec by using the tick boxes per category - you will see the running total on the top left.

4. Then click on "Add to my quotation"



5. You are welcome to contact Leon or Anchell Ras if you need any assistance or to check your selection.

6. We will determine the next available estimated delivery date for that product and it will show under "Delivery date" on your quote.

7. To order your Maxmo, just click on "Order my Maxmo" on the quotation page.

8. You wil receive an email with the order reference number, banking detail, spec and estimated delivery date.

9. On receipt of the order deposit your date will be secured. 



10. The online orientation video and training material will enable you to prepare for your camper.

11. At time of delivery we will also do an extensive "show & tell" to enable your to enjoy your Maxmo to the fullest.



12. Before delivery we will need confirmation that insurance of your Maxmo has been activated.

13. We will also need copies of your ID, Drivers License and Proof of Address.



14. We always suggest that you first do a few small trips and a weekend camp or two to get to know your camper and its systems, before tackling a world tour or such!

15. After your first trip we would be glad to get your feedback and in case of any queries, we commit to addressing it ASAP.


Thank you for your consideration and do not hesitate to call us on 0828 999 999 for any other information.


Leon & Anchell